identify your hand and apologize profusely for getting dealt it

jesus christ what the fuck is wrong with me


LOVE THIS DEEP WEB Official Audio available now on Cody Zaporzan’s bandcamp.

Love This Deep Web is an experimental art piece composed of visuals and the entirety of the albums “Love This Giant” by David Byrne & St. Vincent, and “No Love Deep Web” by Death Grips.

Music Video coming soon.

Maybe that is harsh but i have a hard time buying the “we are loud deal with it” idea. And even more the idea that someone is using slavery as a justification to be loud on a bus or something is utter bullshit.


You know that girl with the really strict parents who was never allowed to date in high school and whose FB page is now littered with bikini shots and wall posts from random guys saying things like “Thx 4 last nite”?

It’s kinda like that. After 250 years of being forcibly silenced, black people feel they’ve earned the right to make a little noise.

Listen, the world is small and it’s only going to get smaller. If you want to live in and with the world, you have to learn to live amongst people with different cultures and different values. You have to practice patience and tolerance.

Still confused? Here’s an exclusive AABP tip: If you’re out in public and a group of black people start speaking at a volume you find irritating, stop, take a deep breath, remind yourself that the world doesn’t cater specifically to your every whim, and suck it up, ya’ big baby.

"Next time a black person is fucking you in the ass, remember that slavery was a thing and you white devils deserve it." Every aabp post.

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rip me lost to the void of uneducation